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In physical security less than 1% of the video streams are actually watched, it is a similar rate in all alarm devices or machine generated data. We ask ourselves, how do we extract insights from the 99% wasted video streams and other types of data. Our startup understands the value of machine generated data, we strive to find and innovate solutions to deliver valuable security outcomes for our customers. We provide our solutions as a product and a service, we work closely with our customers to ensure our solutions perfectly fit and add value to their requirements.

  • Wisdom

    A/B Testing, Experimentation, simple Machine Learning algorithms Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence

  • Knowledge

    Cleaning, anomaly detection, Data preparation Analytics, Metrics, Segments, Aggregates, features, Training Data

  • Information

    Reliable data flow, infrastructure, pipelines, Extract Transform Load (ETL), structured and semi structured data, unstructured data.

  • DATA

    Instrumentation, logging, sensors, external data, user generated content

Data & Cyber Security

Big Data analytics solutions, backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence, give hope that businesses and processes can be kept secure in the face of a cybersecurity breach and hacking. Employing the power of Big Data, you can improve your data-management techniques and cyberthreat-detection mechanisms.

Monitoring and improving your approach can bulletproof your business. Periodic penetration tests can help ensure that your analytics program is working perfectly and efficiently.

Intelligent Risk Management

Predictive models

Threat Visualization

Data in Physical Security

For the past 20 years, algorithms were used as analysis tools by multiple ways in physical security, from dual authentication using biometric ID in access control to forensics in investigation software.

Sfinx is experimenting with the various technologies, in order to correlate data from biometrics to facial verification and identification as well as computer vision meta data related to behavior and motion analytics in video.


Sfinx is a new startup dedicated to research and experimenting big data methods to improve its applications from cyber security to physical security…. Business Intelligence, IoT, etc.

Established by a team of young entrepreneurs and industry experts, our mission is to research and push the current available technologies limits in order to expand the development and provide new successful case studies by diving into new challenges.

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